Thursday, January 3, 2008

Baby Boy's Quilt!

Here are the fabrics I am planning on using for baby boy's quilt! Lots of fabrics because I like the scrappy look--I'll probably add a few more in still, especially with the red. I don't know if it's just my laptop screen or the lighting when I took the picture, but I swear that's not pink! It's more of a cranberry. And the blue is more dusty. Those browns pulled down might be tossed from the quilt since one is undoubtedly flowery and I think the other is too feminine. The tan paisley will be used only for the backing.

I did draw up the quilt pattern I designed in Photoshop so I could play with the color placement. It's a combination of 9-patches and 80-20 stars. I'm still not set on it and want to figure it all out before I start cutting because most of these pieces are fat quarters and I don't want to waste any.