Monday, April 20, 2009

My very own fabric!

I don't know how I forgot to post here about my fabric! I ordered a few yards of this pattern I designed through Spoonflower. I'd originally planned on making each of my girls a cute little shirt with it but now I'm thinking I'll just make one shirt they can share and make a bag or something else for myself with the rest!

Friday, April 17, 2009

1st Annual Bloggers Quilt Festival!

For all of you stopping by through the 1st annual Bloggers Quilt Festival, thanks for visiting! The goal of this blog train is to showcase everyone's favorite quilts! Be sure to click on the home link and visit all the other quilters participating!

The quilt I chose is such a special one to me! It wasn't my first quilt ever, but it was the first one where I'd designed the pattern! I made this quilt as my daughter Cayley's baby quilt and even 5 years later I still clearly remember finding the first fabrics for it, rushing home from work to sew, and crawling around on the floor with a big pregnant belly arranging all the scrappy pieces.

My little models/quilt holders wouldn't be still for me to take a picture, so here's a photo I have of the finished quilt top. (That's Cayley peeking over the quilt above.)

I was still a pretty new quilter at the time and I machine quilted it myself, stitching in the ditch. I sort of wish I'd done something a little fancier or sent it off to a long arm quilter, but at the same time proud to have finished it all myself.

My fabric choices for this quilt started with the woven plaid I used in the sashing of the quilt. I also used it for the backing and the crib dust ruffle. I love the sage green, butter yellow and cranberry combination and have gone with the colors for my younger kids quilts too! I only have the tiniest scrap of the plaid left.

I remeber these florals were stocked right along with the plaid, so I wonder if they are from the same collection. I went digging in my stash this afternoon to find out who made these favorites of mine and these florals are by Robyn Pandolph, "Sentimental Journey." I also used the rose and yellow colorways in this quilt. (I googled this line just a few minutes ago and found some more coordinates I'd never seen on eBay! I'm going to try to get them!)

This is the next fabric I fell in love with and had to include it in my little girl's quilt! It's "Floral Bouquet" by Ladyfingers Studio for Andover Fabrics. When the quilt shop I found it at put it on clearance a year or so later I bought up several more yards of it!

In Cayley's quilt I used the pink rose version of this lovely neutral! I found this yellow version on clearance the following year, bought lots and lots of it, and ended up using it as the background of my 2nd daughter Maddie's quilt (along with many of the same fabrics I used in Cayley's quilt, so they'd coordinate since they share a room). This is Age of Innocence by Sharlene Jorgenson for Bernatex.

I really wish I knew what all the other fabrics are! Most of the woven plaids are from a fat quarter bundle and between the quilt and the other nursery accessories I sewed, there's not much left of them.

Thanks for reading about this favorite quilt of mine! This was so much fun I will make a point make posts about some of my other quilts in the coming weeks.