Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New shop and a rare find!

Last week I stumbled upon a new online fabric shop, Lanie Jane. The owner is currently asking for people to check the store out and give suggestions on her blog (and she's going to give 1 commenter a really cute purse she sewed) so I took a look around. Imagine my delight when I saw she had the full set of Dandelion Girl charm squares! I've been wanting them for ages (ever since I saw them at here at the Fresh Figs blog back in April) but never found any locally and the online shops I knew of were all sold out when I went looking. This was late Thursday afternoon and I quickly placed my order. They were in the mailbox today!! Tuesday!!! I ripped the package open in the van in front of the mailboxes and inside were my squares all wrapped up in this cute polka dot tissue with a handwritten note from Jane herself! Little ones won't confirm or deny, but I think I actually squealed. :) No idea what I'm going to make with this yet, but I'm so excited!