Sunday, October 30, 2011

Orange Plaid Sketchbook Shirt

I had always planned to make my little guy a few more Oliver + S Sketchbook shirts for the cooler weather, but when I happened upon this lovely orange homespun plaid, I knew I'd found the perfect fabric! He ADORES orange and I can't resist a nice plaid, so it was a perfect match.  

The homespun is so very soft! But that also means it ravels a lot! The Oliver + S patterns hide most the seams, and I always do French seams wherever possible, but that leaves the edges around the sleeve seams raw. I usually just do an overcast stitch there, and the fabric doesn't fray much in the wash, but this time around I wanted to make sure everything was really covered. I made a narrow bias tape (finished to 1/4"), trimmed the sleeve seams by just about 1/8" after stitching (to removed fraying and threads), then applied the tape. I love the result!

I'm happy to say he LOVES his extra special orange shirt! As you can see, it's perfect for doing a little victory dance….

Or just standing around looking cool!

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  1. I love the Sketchbook shirt! I've made a lot for the twins. Emily likes it just as well as Jake. I just finished 2 for her with Tinkerbell in the fabric. And have made Jake 4 with various Thomas the Train fabric, which is the ONLY thing he will wear! At Christmas time I made a couple of the Sketchbook shirts for his 9 month old cousin, Evan, as well. It was Emily I made the Family Reunion dress for last summer. Twins will be 3 end of March.