Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New project & the risky hobby of quilting!

In the last few weeks I whipped up a quilt little quilt project, my quickest ever I think, but I just sent it off to be machine quilted, so I'll hold off on pictures (and maybe even a pattern & tutorial) until I get it back! :)

I immediately jumped into a brand new project, starting with a graph paper sketch this past weekend! I sketched it out on Saturday and pulled and cut all the fabric on Sunday! The fabrics are all from my stash -- fabrics I've been collecting over the last two and a half years for my little boy's quilt(s)!

I am terribly excited about the quilt design but I'm going to hold off on sharing it with you for a little bit! ;)

Here's a peek at the pieces all cut and ready to sew...

and here's a peek after I chain pieced all 96 half square triangle units together yesterday!

Next step, trimming down and squaring up all the half-square triangle units. A necessary step, but not my favorite. Just as I started to settle into it my little guy decided he wanted to help out! He carefully placed the ruler right on the squares. (The rotary cutter wasn't near him here.)

Unfortunately, shortly after I took this picture last night and the little guy got settled for bed, I wasn't so careful with the rotary cutter and ended up slicing off part of my finger! No blood on the fabric at least, but I haven't worked up the nerve to touch the rotary cutter again and I've got a big bandage on my sad, sore disfigured finger. I desperately want to get back to work on the quilt though, so maybe when there's some supervision around for *me* tonight I will brave it.

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