Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Things to Sew: Bucket Hats

This one should have a subtitle… you can't make just one! Two complete, plans for at least 3 more in the near future! 

First I finished the green and blue star hat. It reverses to a solid light blue and has green topstitching. 

And my little guy had to have an orange hat of course! I embellished it with a motif from the same line as the orange star print, Riley Blake's All Star 2.

It reverses to a nice blue chambray/crossweave with a similar appliquéd motif.

I was brave and used orange topstitching! A medium orange for the blue side and a lighter orange in the bobbin for the reverse so it shows up a bit better on the print.

And because these little hats are just so fun to make, I picked up these two lovely fat quarters today! The folded up one is from Jenean Morrison's Silent Cinema line, but to me it looks just like airplane propellors and ties in nicely with the adorable paper airplanes and paper hats on the unfolded fat quarter. I didn't get the selvage end, but managed to hunt down that this cute-as-can be print is by Sarah Jane Studios. Plus I have fabric set aside for hats for my girls too!

Now what exactly got me making all these bucket hats? Well the Little Things To Sew-Along at a little gray, of course! Click over to the Bucket Hat Link Up to see all the hats created this month during the sew-along!

If you don't have Oliver + S Little Things To Sew yet, you can now test it out and get the bucket hat pattern for free! Take a peek at the Oliver + S blog regarding a recent AP article that included a link to the pattern. :)


  1. Wow, that looks so good. I think this is my favorite one so far!

  2. Love the blue with orange top stitching. My little man is wearing an orange and white striped polo today....funny!!

  3. yours is just so cute and classic looking, i love it. thanks for sewing along!

  4. Great hat. I really like the orange top-stitching.

  5. I also love the orange top-stiching, looks great!

  6. Love the finished hats and the plans for the next ones!

  7. Great job on the hat. I especially like the orange topstitching! :)


  8. Now I want to go sew a bucket hat! Yours are adorable. Isn't that book fantastic?

    Thanks for your comment today, that was so sweet of you! Not to mention your other comments! I always love hearing from you. (thanks :-)