Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Music Box Uniform Jumpers

This year my girls needed uniforms for school and I was determined to make as many of them as possible. The Oliver + S Music Box Jumper makes a perfect uniform!

Here is View A, with all the inverted box pleats, as modeled by my younger daughter.

I hemmed it for my older daughter to wear, but little M loves it just the same. :)

The best thing about making your own uniforms is hiding special touches inside. I tucked a bit of pretty pink dotty trim inside the bodice seam and also at the hem.

Here you can see the jumper isn't really all that long. :)

At first I thought View A was my favorite, but after making View B I changed my mind-- see how sweet it is?! Just one simple box pleat and then an A-line silhouette.

I took the inside embellishment a little farther on this jumper too. :) Since the bodice has a facing I was able to a little appliqué around the edge of this fused heart.

More uniforms to come another day! :)

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