Sunday, August 8, 2010

MODKID Abigail with Patty Young Knits!

I should have shared this photos here ages ago! I sewed up two MODKID Abigail dresses earlier this summer with the pattern and some of the fabric the giveaway on The Creative Connection blog! I also purchased a bit more knit fabric to add some pink details.

Sewing with the knit fabric wasn't hard at all! I used a ballpoint needle and ballpoint pins, and my regular thread. For the interior seams I used a stretch overcast stitch and straight stretch stitch for the topstitching.

My 4-year-old in particular adores her dress! I made her a size 5 and it's a bit big, but that doesn't stop her from wanting to wear it day after day. It's her "soft" dress.

I made a similar dress with a different colorway of the mod dot for my 6-year-old. They really were quick to sew and turned out so cute!

I'll be sewing with this pattern again soon. I bought some more knit fabric in the cute Carnival Bloom design especially to make a long sleeved Abigail for when it cools down.

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